About Us


David "Lucky" Goff  (on the left)— In 2003 David had a brain aneurism. As a result of his stroke, and the onset of a rare brain syndrome, he nearly died and ended up permanently disabled. This experience had a transformational effect on David, which made him "Lucky," and cued him into how radically connected all things are.

Donald "Don" True  (in the middle) —

Alexandra "Xan"Hart  (on the right) — is a long-term Sonoma County resident, artist, author, and cohousing community organizer. She co-facilitates Transition Sebastopol Elders Salon and is interested in relocalization and community resilience. It is Alexandra's hope that the presence of conscious elders who Occupy themselves, and their connections to others, will stimulate a rich local life.


Created by Lucky and Jeffrey Young of Coignite